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Shaping the Future with Sawalni: The Dawn of Moroccan AI

by Omar Kamali / October 17, 2023 / in AI, LLM, Sawalni, Morocco, Projects

I've been asked multiple times, "Why are you creating a Moroccan AI?" Today I want to share the story behind Sawalni, the first AI in history to speak our beautiful Moroccan Darija, with all of you.

Sawalni isn't just a fancy AI tool. It's something much more personal. It's our culture, our language, our Morocco, encapsulated in an AI. A priority for me was to make Sawalni feel like it truly understands us Moroccans, our quirks, our traditions and our unique way of life. Imagine having a buddy who's always there for you, connecting you to a wealth of knowledge in our own language, and always understanding the nuances of our conversations.

Just a casual conversation with Sawalni about Moroccan traditions.
Just a casual conversation with Sawalni about Moroccan traditions.

I won't bore you with the technical nitty-gritty, although we've made some pretty cool advancements and tackled tough and novel challenges creating Sawalni. What I really want to share today is why I am so passionate about this project, the vision that drives it, and the potential it has to change Morocco as we know it.

So, what's the big vision behind Sawalni? We want to smash language barriers and revolutionize how we access knowledge here in Morocco. Our country is rich in culture, with a history extending over a thousand years, yet we have so little information available in our own language. It doesn’t feel right, does it?

Now, imagine having an AI buddy who’s not just another tech gadget but a catalyst for prosperity. That's Sawalni for you. It's designed to help every Moroccan, regardless of their background or education, to improve in what they do. It's about making the world’s knowledge accessible to every Moroccan, on our own terms.

Yours truly somewhen in the early 2000s - Photo by Najib Mustapha Kamali.
Yours truly somewhen in the early 2000s - Photo by Najib Mustapha Kamali.

For me, this all hits close to home. I grew up loving computers, but I was always limited by language. Now, thanks to Sawalni and its ground-breaking LLM technology, we’ve conquered the challenge of understanding and responding to Moroccan Darija nuances. Now, we have an AI tool that delivers knowledge in Moroccan, while feeling like you're just chatting with a friend.

What happens when all of us Moroccans suddenly have access to the information we need to thrive? It’s not just about individuals, though. Think about the potential social impact. Imagine Lahcen, an olive farmer, who can now sell his olive oil internationally with Sawalni's help, or Souad, a talented caftan tailor, who manages to expand her business based on the advice she gets from Sawalni. And it's not just limited to Morocco. Even Mary from Detroit, USA, can plan her trip to Morocco with ease thanks to Sawalni.

Sawalni loves to talk about science and tries to be funny.
Sawalni loves to talk about science and tries to be funny.

Of course, Sawalni has great potential for commercial use as well, from customer support and sales to unique B2B solutions. It’s set to make work faster, more efficient and even fun!

Looking ahead, we're just getting started. We want to keep expanding Sawalni’s knowledge base, embrace voice support, and explore new areas of progress. We also aim to support the various Moroccan dialects and vocabulary, to make Sawalni truly inclusive.

Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey, building bridges between cultures, connecting minds, and creating unprecedented opportunities for Moroccans and the world.

Do you want to see our vision become a reality? Spread the word and let your loved ones know the future has arrived.

For any inquiries, or if you would like to help, feel free to contact me here and on social media.


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Thank you for reading, and here’s to the future!

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Written by Omar Kamali, Founder, CEO @ Monitoro, & Strategic Technology Advisor.